Poem -

Tomorrow is Another Day

Pain is part of the plan today,

As misery claims today’s tournament,

But agony didn’t win the championship.

Tomorrow is meant to be played,

One which improvement can strive,

To start another day on a happy note.

Battling the remaining hours left,

Attempting to survive torment,

Using current time to heal wounds.

Even if the sun isn’t shining,

The next day begins a fresh test,

With a chance to excel in a new exam.

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Tony Taylor

Hey MICHAEL!!......I LOVE the positivity that beams from this write.....I have to deal with chronic pain and much of what I do is 'Mind Over Matter' just as this piece suggests.....VERY well delivered poetic prose here that drives home the point beautifully.......ALL STARS!!... well done dear poet brother!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 👌✴👍

Michael LoMonaco

Thank you so much for the encouraging words brother poet!