Poem -

Tomorrow will be a lie

Tomorrow will be a lie

Where poppets drink from fountains fraund
And you sit like smart upon a glass of lines

And dollars fold to catch

Looking in bins of water stains to smart
A smile you give

And madness begins to cover evil
like ego dance on table glass....a liquor
your time has come to hush
as a sweet tune of life 

And mistakes save a bid in time 

And devil forkes has no shouts,of you 
Nor a pin prick to a finger pain

This will remain as a reminder
of a cold rainey night

As bullets got your Soul.....to die...to keep as you.
As tomorrow will be as tomorrow of you.

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Terry Kay

Lorris,  Been gone a while.  Really busy these days.  I had to read this several times!  That a good thing.  I enjoy your work!  Love Terry Kay

Cherie Leigh

Hi Lorris....I am not sure I want to be involved in this kind of scenario..lol...I will try to keep my pride and ego in check...lol  Thanks for sharing..Different theme write from you, but interesting. xo