Poem -


How can I tell you?
Of my mountain garden
Of the red kite that soars alone
Of the adder and the sparrow
Red robins in abundance

Of the secrets that I know

How can I tell you?
Of the walking paths
That curl up and beyond
Back down and around
Leading this way and that
​​​​​​Of the wild things that abound

How can I tell you?
Of the wild foxglove
And the yellow primrose
This valley kingdom all their own
Of the tinkling river that trickles by
Wherever it chooses to roam

How can I tell you?
Of the ponies in the fields
That run to say hello
Of the sheep
Who bay their warnings
On the valley slopes below

How can I tell you?
Of the open space 
The clear skies
Of the magpie and the crow

Of the geese that fly by overhead
The call of owls at dusks rise

How can I tell you?
That the full moon calls my name
That it glitters like a jewel 
On blackest slate
In the witching hour
Above my garden gate 

How can I tell you?
Of the silence, of my awe
As I stand in the blackness
Under a canopy of stars
That in the garden of my mountain friend
I know a peace that never ends
How can I tell you....?
Marion Price (2019)


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Absolutely astonishing  poetry could not stop reading 
BRAVO .angel

Marion Price

Aw thankyou Angel, thanks for reading and commenting, very much appreciated 💕

Cherie Leigh

Hi Marion...What a beautiful magical place.  How hard it would be to describe such a special view....I love nature and being out in the open of it all...and I could feel that special bond by reading your words of it...expressed beautifully...A favorite of mine of your poetry.  Well done. xo ;)

Marion Price

Hi Cherie...it's impossible to express all the still quiet magical moments we experience isn't it...but I'm going to keep trying...yes, I truly love my environment which I was lucky enough to be blessed with at the right time in my life. This place has healed me and to me, it truly is magical...thankyou so much, as ever 💕