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Tougher Tests For Handicapped Drivers

Tougher Tests For Handicapped Drivers

Last week at my LA Fitness Club, in the middle of the day;
A handicapped driver was parking, but lost control and went astray!
They went through thirty feet of plate glass, then landed in the pool;
Fortunately, no one was swimming, or the outcome would have been cruel!
I have noticed several drivers, who are registered as handicapped;
I watch them as they’re walking, their abilities severely sapped!
Oft times, they are very overweight, a snail’s pace at best;
Which makes me really wonder, how often they take a test!
For if they’re hardly ambulatory, how quick can their reflexes be;
While driving in speeding traffic, such potential tragedy!
We need to usher in some new laws, for a vehicle them to drive;
For theirs and our protection, to longer stay alive!
Handicapped drivers
Need be tested more often
For safety of all


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Larry!  Oh my gosh!  I am sure glad no one was hurt!  I agree that something should be in place to assure that drivers can drive well enough to be safe to themselves and others.  My grandfather was in his 90s and still driving...One day he just out of nowhere started driving down the wrong side of the street in the left lane and hit someone...He swore up and down that he was  in the right, and that the other car came out of nowhere.  Lol...he had no idea that he was in the wrong lane.  He also drove with his right foot on the gas pedal and his left on the brakes at all times...It drove me nuts!  I have no idea how he passed his driver's test to still be driving as long as he did.  Needless to say, he drove no longer after that and my parents took his car away from him...lol  You bring up a real concern.  I do think that elderly and handicapped people should have volunteers that drive them around where they need or want to go....They should still get to enjoy their lives, but in a safe way!  ;)  xo  Love n Hugs     

Larry Ran

My Dear Cherie,

You are so right, for the elderly should be included in those more stringent driving tests to keep their licenses.  We had the same problem with Linda's father Jack.  One night, in his mid-eighties, he was driving us back from a dance, and almost hit someone on a bike.  From that time on, Larry drove us all wherever we were going, and with love, we convinced him not to operate a motor vehicle any more.  We are sure, that there are several handicapped and older people that still have their faculties, and should be permitted to drive, but the ones who don't, must be stopped.
That's a great idea you have for volunteers to drive those who are no longer able to transport themselves.
Thank you for such a most informative comment.

All my love,
Larry xxx