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I'm in love...

But this bitch has got to go
She lubricates the rhyme
And the rusted chain of my my mind...
But this bitch has got to go...

I'm smitten 
In this toxic relationship 
I am the sacrificial zinc diode 
She's the rust free ship

Sedated and fixated
My sights begin to dip
She pulls the trigger violently
Firing blindly 
From the hip

She gets me through the day 
With counterfeit emotions
I'm a slave to her magic potion
She alters the gulf stream in the oceans
False positivity she emits 
The colours that she shines 
Easily overpower the natural dull grey
I'm the docile wood pigeon...
She's the bird of pray

She's the cure to dyslexia
A code to unlock the complex page
Forever at my side like a parasitic twin...
Whenever I'm in doubt 
She shows her dorsal fin
She also shows her teeth, with a wry smile/grin

Monday mornings feel harsh and bitter
With a temptation to push the reset button 
And blindly begin again 

Available to the highest bidder... 
With or without prescription
The opposite of virtue 
She's comfortably camouflaged sin

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Curious Onlooker

"She's comfortably camouflaged sin" wow the creativity here is astounding. Well done. 


Thank you so much for your kind comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem and especially that line.

- Syd 


Thanks Simon. I tried something a bit different for this one. It's not usually the way I write. 

- Syd 

Djangos Daughter

Brilliant write Syd . We all have our addictions even though we know they are destroying us. The pleasure and the pain --- 2 sides of the same coin. DD X 


Thank you DD. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem. Yes I agree, we all have our own addictions in some form or other. Apologies for the late reply.

- Syd