Poem -

Tree of life...

Tree of life...

In public,
In house,
My love,
Your problem!
I'm giving my baby health,
I'm poor but she's my wealth,
If my baby is hungry,
I'm going to feed her,
Not from your ignorance!
Not from your judgements!
But from my body of life,
From my fruitful bosom,
Look away you may,
But for her, it's that time of day,
A growing tree I'm dreaming of,
She is my roots, she is my love,
So here's to me and my baby! 
I'll still feed her outside in society! 

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Gerard McGowan

I think it's absolutely amazing what a woman's body can do, it becomes a vessel for life, feeds and nurtures through the comforts of biological science, a true gift from our creator is the body of the female species. I wish every man could see that. 

Great write Wayne. 

Wayne Stubbs

Here here Gerard! 👏👏👏 thank you mate 👍😊