Poem -

Trooping Of The Colour.

Suppression = Oppression = Rebellion......

Trooping Of The Colour.

The voice of redemption
Proclaims for 'all'
Stifling truths
In a masquerade ball.

Blind to tension
Ignoring unrest
The writhing threat
Of a viper's nest.

Nothing learnt
Nothing gained
Just different voices
Bound and chained.

"Karma" I hear
Avenging the past
Payment for judging
By creed or caste.

Where's the equality?
What went wrong?
Soon 'acceptance'
Will all be gone.

The 'dog' of guilt
Bowed it's head
The new master beat it
And now it's dead.

Your beliefs count
Do mine still exist
Christian silence
In a madding mist.

Why keep pushing?
Why want more?
Society already
Opened each door.

History shows
The more suppressed
The greater the fight
In uprising's quest.