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Twenty-Seven Skidoo

Twenty-Seven Skidoo

Since June the fifth, 1993, today marks “Twenty-Seven Skidoo”;
I have had the greatest joy of my life, the years of loving you!
Through thick and thin, the tests of time, we have weathered every storm;
Unusual, in this day and age, divorce most couples norm!
But every valley we’ve landed in, we have climbed back to the peaks;
Lifted by our wise counsel, and the love a hurt heart seeks!
We have learned to steer our Love Boat, through troubled water’s threats;
And if one of us falls overboard, they’re thrown a safety net!
Now today, we both will celebrate, the union of our hearts;
Together now for all these years, and never will they part!
So Happy Anniversary dear, today we have a date;
To remember all the love we’ve shared, with our born to be Soulmate!
Twenty-seven years
Since we spoke our I Do’s
Our love eternal


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Cherie Leigh

Yay! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!  You two make me still believe in love despite the hurt I am going through right now. True love does exist and blesses the ones who enter in with truth and devotion in their hearts. You make such a sweet couple. Love and hugs to you both.    

Greg Etsell

i remmber you told me 
you were in hyannis 
for the honeymoon 
and you stayed at
the cape coder 
it was sunday 
i had sunday off 
you never  know
i may have drove by
and saw you
were outside doing photos
you said 
i always went out 


Being Me

Happy Anniversary, Larry and Linda 🎉🎉🎉🎉

And massive congratulations to you both xx

Marion Price

To Larry and Linda...what a wonderful love you share, it's sincerity and power shine through in these words. Not many ever find a true soul mate, you have riches beyond the norm. Congratulation, hugs and hugs 💕


Beautiful tribute to your long lasting love. That’s what love should be about, riding those waves of life together. Whatever the weather. A wonderful read. Congratulations to you both. May you have a lovely anniversary and many more happy memories ahead of you together 


Pratibha Savani

Happy anniversary!! What a lovely thing to do expressed in words. Hope you had a lovely memorable day 💜 Px