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Unicorn the colourful kite

Unicorn the colourful kite

Whoosh Wendy’s kite climbs higher in the sky
As Mammy holding baby Bobby watches it fly
Daddy sinks in the silky sand holding on to the string
Wendy’s kite is a Unicorn
such an eye-catching bling
Kaleidoscopically colourful
with silver pink and gold
Catching the eye of everybody
prominently so bold

“Bobby baba look at Unicorn go”
Shouts his little sister Wendy full of excitement below
As Mammy lifts Bobby higher so he can have a better view
Unicorn rises and falls in an amazing xanadu
“Daddy can I hold the string?”
Says Wendy holding out her hand
“Yes little one” as he gives her the strand

So keeping her tiny fist clenched Wendy twirls the string in loops
and to her absolute astonishment Unicorn twists in hoops
She runs along the shoreline on the beautiful briney beach
Whilst up a height is her crazy kite where only the seagulls can reach
“Mammy” “Daddy” “Bobby baba”
“Look at Unicorn”
as everyone of them is in awe watching the kite airborne

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