Poem -

Union Made in Heaven

He looks at her, she looks at the jeans
She looks at him, he looks at the belts
They check the other, one more time, and make eye contact

The energy coming from their eyes is locked halfway
Waving closer to one another without reaching anyone

Courageous, she lets it enter her soft eyes first
feels it and consumes it before sending back the same amount
He receives it and opens the door of his heart for once
He looks away confused, "ain't that love like they say?" 

He walks away without daring to look again
Appoints the cashier to give her his card
And leaves
Leaving both of them in doubts

Full name, phone number, email
She follows him on social media instead of making a call

Request, evening, online
He likes her last picture instead of sliding into her DM

Days pass and still stalking each other's timeline
Losing hope and interest

He watches a movie, she captions a picture after a character of it
She wants a burger, he follows a fast food page 
He talks art with his friends, she shares a paint in her story
She sees an ad of her favorite band, he posts having two tickets

Trying to send a message, they both see "is typing..." in their DM

Waiting to read the other first

They waste time wondering if it is a long message

Ambitious, he sends his message first