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If there's one thing that life has taught me it is the idea that life is definitely unpredictable and that you cannot fathom any of the understanding. We were taught as kids that society is a bright, important part of life and its suppose to teach us to be better people, treat others with respect and dignity, but what kind of shit is that. It is the idea that we are set up to fail. They say that failure is a choice not an option however it's reverse. The Idea of how sickening it is to know that in your own society in which you have been a part of for years is simply a lie. To come to the conclusion that every single person hides a little secret that no one at all is perfect. They say never expect the unexpected but guess what.. you have to always expect that where ever you go, whoever you meet and what you face is always going to be a battle. The idea that things just happened for a reason is not always true. it's just usually this dumb fucked up person who is morally unjustifiable. I honestly cannot believe within the last couple months what I have heard, seen and maybe even been a part of. The idea of both genders being scared of one another based on appearance, opinion, and cultural upbringing is disgusting and honestly everyone should be appalled at themselves. Understand that we are all responsible for our own choices even if it was a mistake or something wrong or just a joke about a simple matter. The fact is always consider what you're saying or doing even if you may simply think it was a mistake because somehow you are doing damage. Understand that no one knows all the answers to life. No one knows why things happen, no one knows why stupid people do fucking disgusting things, why they steal, cheat, manipulate, degrade and intimidated one another.  I'm at this point in life, where I'm starting to fear for my own safety and others around me because at any given moment a person can simply snatch you up and no one can ever see you again. But why do we have to feel this way. Who would of thought that life would  bring us to this point. I mean where did we all go wrong? We can't  blame our generation because we are taught from the old generation. And we can't blame them because back then it was a much simply life with no worries. So where do we stand? We have created this world and unfortunately we can never change it because as much as we try or want to change things we can't. There will always be that one person, that one thing that will always hold us back. 

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Hi Sailor Moon like your inciteful and thought provoking pieces.....
The very essence of existence will always be a challenge.