Poem -


I knew the second I saw her, I was not enough and as smart as I am, she was quick to pick up.
It all happened so quick, I felt weak in my knees not a touch or caress, though I did plead.
She does not wait around or give another chance, she goes on the chemistry to evoke her romance.
For me it was sudden, a rush of endorphins with a once in a life time particular conforment.
Beautiful and so dangerous but incapable of loving, kissed by an angel was she and I was mere nothing.
Connected at first, but not face to face, we could almost read each others minds or was that just similar taste?
I know I am smitten and the fool I am, but I found a diamond in the cold murky sand.
I know now our minds are not as frequent as first thought, her emotions are present but securely locked.
She writes so elegantly with a hint of deviance, though in her honesty; she lacks sexual experience.
Her fantasy's are riddled with pain and self hatred, does she know really how much beauty she plays with?
A man's heart is a weak delicate thing, willing to abide but often liable to swing.
A woman like such is a majestic treasure, It was a privilege to know her.
I hope she finds happiness forever.

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