Poem -

Until Morning Light

Until Morning Light

Sea separates two lovers daily
By moonlight they meet in dreams
Tears fall from their cheeks as hands retreat 
Streetlights die out with their hopes of love 
Like swans they found eternal soulmates 
Neither could live without the others smile
Their hands intertwine once more
Frank Sinatra plays her favorite song 
Serenity covers their naked skin
Miles and miles of skin touching
Souls float above gleaming 
No more games with twinkling stars 
Yet the sea separates them
She lies alone in darkened meadows 
Rain pours over her ashen body
Each drop flawlessly washing over her
Imagination runs wild as her heart races 
As she dreams of his hands on her....

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Floridaguy Zzzz

miles and miles of skin touching,,,,,,

you never cease to amaze me with how you use words.... each poem a surprise,,,,, a really good surprise, and this one a very sensual one I can feel...

Cherie Sumner Taylor

Hi Whispering Dream!  Sometimes in dreams is the only way to be reconciled when miles separate lovers....giving a beautiful reverie of thoughts to keep them in touch while apart..Beautiful imagery...xo  Love n Hugs

Whispering Dream

Thank you so much Cherie. Always love your comments ❤️❤️