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Untitled Story

Untitled Story

 A Sweet Passion made only in the dark 
how can I be sure that your real; 
Head in hand from an untitled story 
You know how it drives me insane; 
What is real when promises and verses are enchantingly spoken neath a silver sun, 
Obscurely lurid; my Silver spring, it’s all too much; 
In a small world it would be so easy to surrender, 
When in the look of an eye everything is still beholden; 
You know where everything still stands, in streams of time 
But don’t ever forget the thunder 
And when small eyes first see an undying never ending sky… 
Winds carry a man so easy, 
makes no difference where I am, 
Even more so when I am not watching nor waiting; 
The heart whispers, and sings old forgotten songs 
that are forever beyond their horizons 
and the morning thunder snatches your soul away in a song 
High above and inwardly through wine dark ocean seas, it’s always darkly backwards 
When you don’t know what to do with yourself 
search your soul and find out 
before your heart begins again in another story

Written by deadwolf

Published 3rd December 2014

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Dario Fabijanac

The best way to find all the answers in life is searching your soul...
Well said man, I really liked the poem.


   Hello Dario,  Am a big believer in soul searching as well, as am very intrapersonal in my natural way... how are you man... 


   Doin good Dario, doing good man... Am behind trying to make drawings, and designs for writes and some projects... It was a good day here though, Dodgers won, an had lots of snacks today, lots of soda and junk food... My vices man hehehe, take good care man:

Dario Fabijanac

Lol, everybody's vices 😉 

Have a great day mate!