Poem -

Updated of older brother

She was the one who took the pills out of his hands, she was only 11 years old

I was there...

She was the one who was in the middle when her step mom tried to take the gun away she was only 16 then

I was there...

She was there when he put the gun against his own head, the little girl seeing her older brother trying to attempted suicide

I was there...

Wanting her older brother here even though he threatens her and steals from her

I was there...

she's is now 18 years old

It's been 7 years since I tried to save you and I still have nightmares its been so long since i felt happy. I am that little girl.

older brother why did you do it

I know your still alive but it hurt me knowing you wanted to say goodbye to yourself

I was only
11 years old when I took the pill bottle away.

I was only 16 when you put that gun up  to your head 
please don't leave me older brother I need you 

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