Poem -

Visibility zero-zero

Visibility zero-zero

Murkiness, miasma stifling me
Visibility is zero-zero impossible to see
Such a smokiness of smog silhouetting shapes
Oh how I hate the fog, dellusional darkened drapes
A calignosity of gloom
On this dreadful dismal eventide
Duskiness of doom
Absolutely anyone could hide
So I panic when I run feeling so uncomfortable
With my heart beating out my chest 
This opaqueness is intolerable
Cimmerian shade
Crepuscule of black
Vespers amidst twighlight
Giving me a heart attack
Sweat saturating me though I am chilled 
Outside in the open air my uneasiness unwilled
Running for the radiance of yon dim street light
Yet any lantern is my salvation and a welcome sight
I am relaxed and relieved now I am away from the park
Never ever again shall I be alone in the dark

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill.  First, I have to tell you that I love the way you formatted this poem!  It made it so easy to read.  I also love the imagery you created of this dark murky outing in the park at night...I feel the nervousness and uneasiness in such a dismal scene away from comfort and light.  Great work! Love n Hugs, ;)

Jill Tait

Aww Thank you so much my dear friend I so appreciate u reading & enjoying my little poems as I sit freshly escaping them from my imagination ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️