Poem -

Watchful Eyes

Watchful Eyes

Cherry blossom blooms from delicate bough,
Trickling waters cascade into stream,
Columns of grass in thicket in growth,
Watchful eyes embrace from Selene.

Fluorescent beams flicker through leaves,
Dance and sway as they fall to earth,
Witness to all in intricate loom,
She watches life in thrive in birth.

She gazes down from empyrean,
Joyous to light it gives her delight,
Illuminates all in beauteous serene,
Shadow flickers hidden from sight.

Celestial wonder braces the sky,
Radiant glimmer through evergreen.
Forest of life under watchful eye,
Coppice shimmer in gleam.


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Cherie Leigh

This is beautiful Simon...The forest comes alive under Mother Nature's protective eyes with delight of watching life in the forest thrive....or at least that is how I see it....I love your wording in this ...comes alive!Β  Great work. xo ;)

Simon Bromley

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Β I was contemplating leaving the site as wasn't getting any comments and not sure if Its people with busy lives or they just don't like my work. Β I'll try harder with the next one I write.