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Watching the World Go By

Watching the World Go By

As I replenish my bird feeder they are watching me from the trees.. as I stand with the rain lashing down on my knees..yet I know my feathered friends will appreciate more seed.. I feel I’m doing my bit for nature..this is my good deed

Tho I get alot of different birds, there are other creatures as well.. I watch a tiny mouse nibble the nuts.. he is nervous I can tell..
with his fidgets and his flustering  overwrought, on edge.. he can hardly keep himself on my bird feeder ledge.. but I love seeing him, he brings me so much joy.. as I stare in confusion.. is it a girl or boy?

Mother natures minute mere mortals are no different to you and I.. they need food and shelter to survive, get by.. 
Summer season has rich pickings amidst the great outdoors.. nuts and berries on the hedgerows with many dropping on the floors but Autumn is upon us with it’s colder, colourful hue.. tho a leaner time for God’s creatures so we can help them thru.. 

Buy a variety of nuts and seeds, scatter breadcrumbs on the ground.. you will soon be rewarded with little beings all abound.. jiggling and jerking in excitement flitter, flutter as an abundance of birds fly down from your gutter..at one with Mother nature.. as you observe and spy.. giving you so much pleasure watching the world pass by

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