Poem -

We are angry for a reason

We are angry
Or at least should be
By the lack of equality
And restricted liberty
By nanny states
Trying to control you and me
Holding us back from being free
Dividing people by classs and race
By faith and gender
And the colour of your face
Exploiting us through corporations
Dividing through flags
Anthems, boarders, walls and nations
Should you be angry?
Yes of course you should
Lead by people up to no good
Who dodge taxed and fiddle expenses
You and me get jailed
They get protection
Because money determines
The justice that we get
What! You still not angry yet?
They lie to us about climate change
Wage false wars in greeds name
Paying us all minimum wage
Are you not angry?
You should be outraged
Thdy deny you health are in the states
While dismantling it her in the uk
The education you get
Is based on what you can afford
We are fucking angry
And you should get on board
To demand change and equality
This is the time to rise up
And change our societies
Leave the violence and the hate behind
Adopt love, peace and light
So that we can educate and expand our minds.

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