Poem -

We are numbers

We are numbers

I woke up one morning 
With a letter at my door.
It said I need to improve
My credit score

I scratched my head

Is this a new thing?
I'm really not sure

When did this all come about

Google told me it's a numerical
Expression based on a level of analysis of a persons credit

I had to investigate

To sum it up, 

We have numbers 
That dictate weather or not
We are accepted
By the corporate ideology

They have scrutinized
Our past and devised 
A system to satisfy
There decision making

If you are refused a loan
They can simply say

"It's not us"

Therefore passing the blame 
To someone that doesn't exist

A digital persona of 
There Cold structure.

And it is cold

It doesn't care if you lose your job
It doesn't care if you are sick
It doesn't understand human condition

All it sees is that a long time ago
You missed a payment on your mortgage.

I guess this was bound to happen
After all, the growth of humans on this planet has increased
Dramatically, a number 
seems to be the obvious choice 

A neat sum that places us within
A digital cloud, to be categorised
And stored, easy to be found.

My conclusion:

There are too many of us.

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