Poem -

We Can!

Feminism isn’t about women,
Feminism is about sharing the same equality,
And fighting every inequality,
Equality and love should be shared like blossom falling in the spring.

Feminism isn’t about chaining yourself to railings,
It is about equal pay and showing people that we can,
And giving women a say because one day,
There is no longer gonna be that rhyme, you can’t do that because you are a woman,
We are more,
Let us fly and watch us soar.

Now this is where you stop thinking you can’t be as good as her,
Be as good are her instead,
Fight down every barrier and stand tall,
For once and for all,
Don’t let the world determine your destiny just because you are a woman,
Every weakness is a strength,
Don’t take offence, do more.

Uncomprehend our gender,
Our orientation of men and women,
Because we aren’t JUST women,
We are women with a mind,
Don’t look behind,
Look infront.

Don’t let self-doubt swallow you up like a tsunami of unwanted feelings,
Knock us down in the flames,
Let us burn in the fire,
But we will rise again in the smoke,
Stronger than ever,
Because we can.

No matter what anyone says,
Don’t hold onto that person who called you worthless,
Or said you had no purpose,
Let go…
Don’t let that person consume your days,
Or allow you to change your ways,
Because this is what I say to you,
Because we have the abilities to conquer the world,
This poem is packed with strength that radiates through the page and the inky words,
But we are women and we can,
Palms held together held tight,
We have the right to fight for a world of equality,
To that we aren’t just women,
We are more,
We are business women and proud home owners,
We were born in the kitchen but we were more
They say the best things come in small packages,
Often the things that have the most value or quality are small, the size of something doesn’t always indicate its value,
And we are the package.
Small but mighty and often feisty,

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