Poem -

We Only Get One Chance In This Life

Sometimes It's the simple things In a relationship you remember the most 
after your life long partner has passed on
And you now find yourself back to being alone In the world It's then you start thinking of 
those precious moments and all those days that start to replay over and over In your mind and then you find yourself reliving those wonderful memories 
It then when It really hurts you start to constantly ask questions  of yourself Oh why didn't I make more of those sunny
with my sweetheart laid In my arms  magical moments never to  be again but If I had been able to stop just for a brief moment
And somehow know that twenty years from that  first time she laid In my arms I would lose her to Heaven
I would haved made every day minute second all those times I made love 
to her with her beautiful perfume filling the air laying together afterwards In each other arms 
And you just want to be back In those  moments and that what hurts so bad because I can  talk to her I can see her but I can't feel or touch her 
But I was given that one time without realising It would be short lived and I would lose Helen Heaven my only hope now there Is afterlife


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