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Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow

I shall e’er weep for thee,
Β Wellspring, β€˜neath canopy.
Amidst mossy loam,
Plot cast thou home.

Hasten moon and star,
Offer shelter afar.
Β Bedeck heaven's floor
Miles vast to celestial door

Hewn forget-me-not blue,
Eyes of beloved true
Benevolent mercy, solace me,
Balm tis sodden plea.

Heartless seraphim abide,
Bereft, fervently I cried.
Prithee rent tragic plight,
Bear me to brilliant light.

Torrents implore me,
Love yearns to trek thee.
Beseech I, embrace me,
Abreast waters melancholy.

Lilt pelagic refrain
Β Lull forsaken bane
Allotted woon,
Yield I, serene ruin.

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Being Me

Death is always leaves us feeling so empty and hollow. It's so stark and cold...and final. I think you have conveyed this feeling well here x


If there is one fate we can all be sure of, it is death. You capture the grim hollowness of which death instils. But you also entwine within its bleak grasp, release and spiritual enlightenment. A clever write xΒ 

Richard Waters

Nature, and nurture, have been used creatively so many times. Whether, it be in music, as in opera pieces by Wagner, or, in translating human emotion to artist statement, as in Richard Adams' book " The Plague Dogs " ! Now, animation, like " Watership Down " was. In the landscape, we find, and lose, ourselves. But, also learning more about our instincts, and, our creative definitions, or, leanings. In, the sunshine, or, in " The Fog " and precipitation, we find the realm, and spectrum, of driving " forces " within, the soul. As, appropriate to our explorative ethic, as well as imagined dynamics, or mechanics, of furthering vision. And, mission.
Realizing our aspirational intent, away from survival, to be more, and show more. For, the sake of ourselves, and the others. Knowing, culture, and " vulture, " apart from " future " ! Neat perspective, on " homeland " securities, and passions. Sensing, our place, within the " cosmic " description. Of, habitat, and change within it, and, what is inside of ourselves. Bonded, to the physicality, and, " The Spirit " !Β  XΒ  :)Β  Β 

Rajeev Das

Impeccable piece of poetry dear poet friend..Β