Poem -

Welcome to the underworld

A victim of the streets
She's one of the homeless,
A victim of society
She left the broken home,
Try as they may there was no fixing it,
Her parents deciding, to go their own ways,
She turned to drugs and drink
And lost control,
They said was nothing they could do, now she was in that hole,
She was lost they said both in heart and soul
And so be came a destitute,
In a world of decrepitude,
Open to being abused,
This now was the life for her
And it wasn't even her fault,
This is where she had been brought,
Down on her knees and she baulked,
In the face of responsibility,
She longed just to be free of this life
And this isn't right,
That this became her plight,
And there was no one there for her
And no support or care,
Welcome to the underworld,
She was now a junkie girl,
Turning tricks and getting burned,
Within a society that turns a blind eye,
That covers up its ears
And that ignored all of her tears
That she cries alone at night.

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