Poem -

What if?

What if?

What if Mother Earth had a voice? 

Would she choke for air and beg us to show mercy for all she's given us?

Would she plead for time to replenish and heal without her merciless children burning her every limb?

Would she ask to breathe for the first time in over a century?

What if we kept our destructive holy books far away from our children's virgin minds?

Would we appreciate the now, and only that which we could see, hear, touch or feel? 

Would we stop worrying about the mythical chapter which comes next; unreadable because it has yet to be written?

Would we acquire the necessary brain space for a fresh way of thinking; a way which implements a different kind of change?

Would we stop crediting Mother Earth's beauty to fiction and folklore, and start spending her ever-dwindling reserves with economical respect?

What if success was measured by achievements, not monetary value?

Would we seize to congratulate the wealthy and take a real step towards the communist utopia so impossible to comprehend right now?

Would we achieve peace and satisfaction without spending a single penny?

What if our children were rewarded for that which they create, rather than their exceptional memory?

Would they ignite our world with warmth and vibrance?

Would they stop wasting their most valuable asset chasing the certificates needed to reassure them they're worthy?

Could they abolish conformation altogether?

Would they be happier?

What if we appreciated the micro as much as the macro?

Would we be grateful for the only life we have?

Would we finally stop asking for more when we already have so much?

Would we enjoy those we take for granted before we mourn them?

Would we acquaint ourselves with the present?

What do we actually know?

We know solutions are easy to produce on paper.

We know there are over seven billion conflicting factors shouting at once, battling for ownership and fighting for that extra zero in their accounts.

The path to a better world should be a painless walk, but endless obstructions are impossible to move alone.

But what if our light-bulbs shone at once? 

Could we gain the numbers required to burst through those obstructions as an entity?

Could we shake the foundations of the pyramid with such ferocity that those at the top spill down to the slums where we'll give them no choice but to listen?

Or are we genetically coded to progress in a predetermined way? 

Has such barbaric competition forced us to leap rather than crawl, making such ruthless choices vital in our evolution?

Does it remotely justify such behaviour?

Do the majority actually enjoy this chaos and destruction? 

Do they have the slightest interest in listening to what should already be blindingly obvious?

Was it cruel to bring an unspoiled soul into this already crowded world?

Is it now our duty to encourage his entire generation to fight in ways we couldn't?

What will it take for us to finally act before there is no tomorrow to speak of?



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