Poem -

What would you call it

What would you call it

Censure is what the heart gave
What's for love if not that of brave
When implementing first played
It knew"...
Life knew" ..
There was only gain.
That was it's world" 
just love" a pure pain.
It was ok to hurt, 
I didn't have to be insane.
But never thought that like that,  
would tame so plane.
To lay your debt in the depths 
And understandably it came. 
"Has life to you already claimed. 
Everyone that's holds a soul 
Say the same...?

When everyone cared the same. 
it had to be our world without shame.
We're we all together left and not one was blamed. 
But why did a wish required more than change.
What we all wished for all was a chance. 

Been worse is best depending on the test. 
Because pretty lives inside the beast 
Is why evil can have good deeds. 

Intentional acts affect natural disasters and
Confessing your sins are a petition to decoding your pass at last...."Un Milagro"

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