Poem -



For those of us 
That has never given death a second thought 
Our eyes are now wide open 
Because of the Coronavirus wrath 

It came in with a vengeance 
Some claimed it began in the east
Now the whole world is hoping and praying 
That its anger would cease

If there is a cure
The population is in the dark 
Countries under lockdown, cities under curfew 
The streets are silent 
Can't even hear a dog bark

It is said that history repeats itself 
So let us look back 
To when millions of people died by plagues 
When there were no groceries on store shelves 
And countless numbers starved for months of days

The Pharaoh of the Bible 
Experienced the wrath of God by plagues 
Ten to be exact, which could of been avoided 
By changing his prideful ways 

How did this judgment from God came to an end 
It was when Pharaoh humbled himself 
And obeyed God's command 

Now we are experiencing 
Coronavirus in the air
What would be next 
Can our foods, water, and life as we know it
Let us bow our prideful hearts in prayer.

Wilford Barker.

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