Poem -

What's true love

What's true love

I kept wondering what's true love ?
Does it start with
The one sided romeo look
You gave to your crush ?
Or with your silly jokes
Making them blush !
I wonder if it happens when you reach
High school,
When on seeing that one girl, you try
To look cool.

Then things start to get friendly,
And she is the one
You start believing it adamantly.
You spend together a year or two
The relation you make 
Becomes beyond to be able to construe.
I am yours and you are mine,
This promise you must have consign.

But who knows how far will it go.
Yes friend you never know,
How can even the greatest 
Love stories be changed
And all of a sudden
You find yourself estranged.
You couldn't realise the things going on
It was so as you were young
And now here you are
Rhyming the song unsung.

After all these years u have understood 
It's hard to call your love
Your crush
But its harder to love her till eternity
Even after knowing that she will never be yours
And still not able to keep her away from your thoughts 
That's true love !!!