Poem -

when she's a Goddess

when she's a Goddess

I remember her like it was yesterday
a decade has gone by and a lot has changed
I've come a long way
I still have more growing to do
there is no such thing as a perfect love story
even fairy tales have there troubles
highlighted by the love that is everlasting

all this praying for a perfect relationship
won't do us any good when nothing perfect 
there are times when I want to give up but I don't have it in me,
I surrender my ego to the idea that there will be rough times
in any relationship but I see it like this,
if two can dance the tango they can move
to the same rhythm and tempo even through battles.
gracefully thwarting with twists and spins and swoops
aggressively courting with lists and grins and time-loops

when she's a Goddess I adore her and she can live care-free to adore me
when she's an angel she weeps for the people and she weeps for me
when she's a queen she loves the people and she loves to care for me
when she's a princess she takes care of her own when her own fail to see
what if there was no body there ... is she a spirit or is she alive out there... 

well aware of my surroundings and I know that she 
is better to stay a friend than to lose her forever
I'll love her forever but her dark side frightens me
will she stand behind me sharpening her knife
or will she be a blessing in disguise in my life
will she club me on the head when I step out of line
or will she look no further than to see the warning sign
does she know that no one is perfect... I made mistakes
but it doesn't make it right to push me over the edge to the extreme
there is no nightmare when we're living the dream

save me the grief and never tell me
she isn't hardened by the desolation 
I can read it from a mile away and see right through it
the more you think like the beast the more you attract the beast
the more you put love and war together, the less you find inner-peace
the more we focus on or flaws and imperfections
the less flawless and perfect we become... 
the more we turn a blind eye to it we don't see
there's no where to look, and there's nothing more to see