Poem -

Who Killed Faith?

Who Killed Faith?

I did have it once,
a long time  ago.
So deep and profound
you never  would know
how far from my reach
it just slipped away,
it happened so slowly
eroding  each day.
You wake up one morning
and things look the same,
but nothing felt ‘right’
so who was to blame?
The world seemed much greyer.
Things not  quite aligned.
The peace once within me
now harder to find.
I look in the eyes of the people I know
and suddenly see how delusions can grow.
You trust, you believe, you want see truth
but that’s just naive, a gift given youth.
Reality swipes with a much harder blow
making you see things you don’t want to know.
The trust you invested in one single soul
to transform your world
turn you from half to whole,
is shattered and torn 
and cant be restored.
The ones you now hate 
are  the ones you adored.
So back to my question 
I asked at the start,
who  killed faith and also my heart?
I think it’s no secret 
that  I always knew
The killer of faith
In the end..
It was

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Gerard McGowan

This is such a deep heavy write Iodigiana, faith can be restored but it's hard to grow, like a rare flower that needs nurture and love, it won't happen when we become surrounded by wolves.

I lost my faith in humanity at a very early stage in life, I still dont trust them.


Hi Gerard, your words are very true....shattered faith in humanity is tough to restore and whilst logic tells you that one bad apple  shouldn’t negate the whole crop...it tempers how you look and choose to relate to everyone else.I hope that whatever it is that can give you back some trust, finds its way to you and allows you to build that trust back up.Thank you so much for reading and commenting ..really appreciate it. Lodigiana xx

Nigel Cresswell

Lady L, I really identify with this one but at the same time I don't. As a political activist and a historian I have very little faith in humanity and yet the same information keeps gifting me with stories of courage and selfless love so I have only felt my faith in humans grow.
The only abusive relationship I have been in is with HM government and no one has faith in them. 
Really great write Lady Lodigiana, it has me thinking. 


Dear Nigel, I love your honest and candid relationship with life...Totally get what you mean about life seemingly eroding away at faith ..and yet..up pops something, usually unexpected , that make you reevaluate things and ..maybe even a little grudgingly come to accept that the seeds of faith in humanity  are always there..thankfully...As for the other stuff HMGov...dont let the bastards grind you down...Up the revolution my friend!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting xxx

John Prophet

The world owes us nothing. We control our fate. People will take from us what we allow. Pushing back, keeping it all at arms length is what I’ve learned! Is how I deal with this world.


There is a lot of truth in what you say John..but sometimes its harder than we think to keep pushing back but I guess that life in all its infinite facets! Thanks so much for your comments which I really appreciate xx

Cherie Leigh

Hi Lodigiana...What an honest look at how faith gets destroyed from life experiences and those people who have let us down....I can relate...I do try to look for the positive and ignore the world's values and input....because it is so easy to give up and believe we are all alone in this world....Funny how traumatic events and hurtful people can mess with how we interpret our life.  The good news is that no matter how bad we get lost, we can always have faith renewed...Just as it was chipped away, it can also be slowly validated with hope's return.  Great theme!  You are a gem on Cosmo!  xo ;)   


Hi Cherie, sometimes it takes very little for faith in humanity to be shaken...I love your view on it and how  wonderfully open you are to life’s positive aspects..I guess we all have gone through times where because of someones attitude/behaviour/actions we feel our love for humanity put under pressure..but equally when we come across loving and kind actions our hope returns and that really is how life is balanced isn’t it? ..you are what we in the UK would call and all round Good Egg’! A privilege to know you hun! Thank you so much  for your comments.Lodigiana xx