Poem -

Why Africa?!

Why Africa?
My mother was not good enough
Because she could not bare female children?
Is that her fault?
Why Africa?
Why are you so cruel?
She had to look at her husband taking a second wife
Didn't you see her pain
Didn't you see that she was suffering
Why Africa?
A wife who would give him male children
How can you be so cold?
My sister and I treated like slaves in our own home
Our education stolen from our very hands
Why Africa?
Why are your traditions so cruel?
Why are they so heartless?
Now my father is no more
His sons left behind
Now they're trying to steal my right full place as the first born
You can't change that fact
MyΒ inheritance!!
Why Africa?
I can't go to school
Because a female's place is in the kitchen?
Because a female can't work?
Why Africa?

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Hello A.ILUNGA...

Those school girls who were kidnapped from the School there unfortunately, they didn't all survive, the threats were clear if they attempted to go to school again and they are staying with the Culture and I'm sure the images of their starving children and keeping women down they know those images touch the world and they receive money from across the world...

They worship animals more than human life...

Documentaries and messages from the African Government explains it well and some people are lucky and they can speak but, consequences if they don't say what they're allowed to and the fear is a great driving factor...

​​​​​​It's amazing how people still blame the women for what the man makes...

Men's genes determine the sex of the baby not the woman...

If it was up to the woman chances are they'd get what they wanted...

The Country doesn't want to improve and it's extremely devastating to be a woman or a child there...

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...