Poem -

Why Must The Caged Heart Sing

Gaze upon birds
Look at them all
How  they fly 
How they falter 
And why they fall
Restless and weak
They ne'r weep
They ne'r sew 
Nor doth they reap. 
The door is open
Prison bars from yore
The things that  bore thou prisoner 
Shall captivate thou no more
Let thy soul fly free 
The caged bird sings 
Fly some few longer 
For the things 
Which  bore us prisoner
Hast only made us stronger
Let thy heart  not be swinish 
By such desires
For the instant  hath arrived
And this is thine own hour 
Never be concerned
By earthly pow'r
Aye take time
To take scent to flowers
Bear fast for what
The morrow shall bring 
Why, Oh why, 
Might not but thy caged heart sing?

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