Poem -

Wishing For Love

Wishing For Love

As the soft wind blew through 
the midnight hour
I sat under the stars shining 
in the midnight hour
I looked in the sky with despair 
deep within my heart
There was not a soul in
sight that I can see
My heart has fallen apart
under the pale moon lit night

The only thing I could wish for
upon this midnight hour was love
As the stars being to fall
in the midnight hour
I pictured my angel as I
drifted into sleep
As I opened them at last
a shadow stood among me
Her eyes grew soft as she
looked into my heart

With tears that streamed
down this pale white face
My wish was answered with
the star that fell below
Turning a heart of ice into
a heart of fire
For an angel was sent to
me from the sky above
To fill this dark void deep
within this shattered soul

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Kieran...No greater gift than to receive love and feel understood, recognized, appreciated, and that void filled...I loved the narrative theme of this...Beautiful. xo ;)