Poem -


The birds seem filled with lead today
They fall down from the sky
The poor sun has fled away
For moon has stole the day

The trees are all a'crying there
All bent down low to earth
To join with weeds that choke the flowers
Ceasing hopes rebirth

And why the winds so angry
So intent to bully clouds
No air here for the living now
While deaths sour breath abounds

Raindrops large as mountains
Crash down from high above
Killing all the cherubs dead
Strangling all the love

And if love is dead
So too am I
A scared lone soul
Too lost to fly
Too scared to live
Too dead to die
And eyes filled up with tears 

Left here to stand
On sinking sands
To know despair
And view sad lands
While angels whisper 
Sad goodbyes
and weep

With withered roses in their hands
They leave to find the smiling sun
Thats shines up high in bluer skies
They rise and soar as one

While I alone
stand here
In lifes dead breath.
Marion Price(2020)



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