Poem -

Would That I..

Would That I..

Would that I were the air that you breathe,
my senses would live in your  sphere,
sweet scented and fragrant 
my presence unknown,
in ecstasy I would stay near.

Would that you could  with a gentle caress
ease  sorrows I carry within.
Unending, perpetual 
deepest felt pain,
hold  them back before they can begin.

Would that we were as we were  long ago
when love let us see beyond stars.
When kisses were bitter sweet poison 
sweet death,
and the gift of a future was ours.

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Melancholic tale of lost love..beautiful!

Tony Taylor

It is within the TONE created and the METERING that you've molded ........ that takes this from an average write to the pinnacle of romantic praise........ for the poetic nature of your self-expression here bleeds through and takes the reader soaring into the heights of your extremely pure sense of longing.......a STELLAR piece of Classically inspired Romanticism!!..... Wow & Bravo dear poet sister!!........ Doesn't get too much better than this..... and I believe that it's because there is some TRUTH that drives this at its core!!.......ALL STARS!! & PINNED!!........smokin' grooves LODIGIANA!!......I am your cyber-friend and admirer.......T xo.  : )


I think that maybe there is a hidden truth within us all that rarely sees the light of day..but when and if it finally appears then it can throw everything else into shadow....your words are always such a joy to read my cyber brother and although many miles separate us, sharing our thoughts in words and verse unites us all. Peace and serenity to you my friend and thank you  xx