Poem -


No one can save me now
nights painted face
traces the missing outlines
but I still can never touch you
Trees reach
and vines tangle my speech
blessings fall into a cursed crawl

no one will save me now
as I watch the priest gather
to eat those holy vows
closed are the eyes
blind in the stars disguise

No one can save me now
breaking my bones
one at time
listen to there cracking rhyme
cautious caustic moments que
lines of powder and blood trails too

no one should save me now
underneath the howling
that pierces the silent ringing
dreaded is a lonesome road

I believe im the shadow
cast out in heavens hated grin
Stigmata is the medal I hold locked in

then I breach the surface
gentle in skin
scented wet earth
mixed in griefs dancing skirt

No one can save me now
no one should save me now

light fills
as another night sings
hung on vinyl suicide springs