Poem -

You Got Me


You Got Me

Your hair;
It fills my drought.
You're there,
and that's all that counts.
Your face;
I'm so complete.
That taste,
of mint gum on your teeth...

You don't know, but you got me,
you got me and it's plain to see.
High and low, I'd search just to see,
to show you how you got me.

Your eyes;
They glow like no other,
When you asked;
you asked my father and mother.
When you danced;
at our reunion...
you did the Charleston,
and my dark past was ruined.

Now look at us;
in love like no other.
wearing rings,
you, a father and me, a mother.
Our hopes, our dreams,
turn into realities...
My hopes, my dreams...
turned into a reality...
Because you got me.

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