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Former Thanksgivings

Former Thanksgivings

My brother and our parents and I celebrated one of our Thanksgivings 30 years ago today on November 23, 1989. I remember a little about that day. I remember playing Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES as Mom prepared our Thanksgiving meal.

But we never had turkey on Thanksgivings. We had ham. Mom also made slaw, banana pudding and rolls. Those were the good old days, but sadly, those days are gone forever. I wish I could still have Thanksgivings with my parents but that is no longer possible.

This year Thanksgiving will arrive on the 28th of November. In addition to it being Thanksgiving, it will also be my brother's birthday. He will be turning 52. My Thanksgivings certainly aren't what they used to be. But I hope that you'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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