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Cigarettes Vs. Smokeless Tobacco

Cigarettes Vs. Smokeless Tobacco

People say that smokeless and chewing tobacco are just as harmful as cigarettes but that isn't entirely true. I can tell you two things that make smokeless and chewing tobacco safer than cigarettes.

I heard on the news that 10,000 nonsmokers die every year from second hand smoke. Smokeless and chewing tobacco can't kill anybody except the people who dip or chew it.

Also, sometimes people will smoke in bed. They'll fall asleep, start fires and get themselves killed. Smokeless and chewing tobacco can't do that either.

It's true that cigarettes are the most harmful, but I'm not endorsing smokeless or chewing tobacco. If you've never tried tobacco, please don't. Every form of tobacco is harmful. If you never smoke, dip or chew, it will be a great decision on your part. Say no to tobacco. It will ruin your teeth and can give you cancer.

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