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Dear cosmofunnel team.

I would like to take the time to say give the newbies a chance.

Every one on the team started. With no followers and no like/stars.

But if we only encourage the people on here that are known the the new people won't improve.

So I would like to put out to everyone on the funnel to reach out to everyone on the funnel, not just the known ones.

Thank you and have a good day.

Sincerely: RJM.

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Curious Onlooker

I agree best way to encourage those that are new to the funnel is to give them a chance, and feedback! 

Georgia Elliott


I agree with your words. Would like to add to that. That it's not just the newbies that get no likes/stars & follows on their poetry.
As I have been on here for years. Yes i have some followers. But my likes, stars only come when one long standing regular has commented first.
If you view someone's poem it doesn't take more than a minute to give it whatever many stars you feel it's worth & if you like it then say.
Have a positive & creative day.


I've been here since 2014 not much has changed. 

my two cents would be ; that if you come to an open forum to share your talent , be encouraged by your own ability and strength in having made this first step .

If you are a singer , and the only reason you go out on stage would be for the applause of others and the fame that comes with it,  then you yourself would've missed the magic you've created within you and the freedom thereof.

If in pouring out your heart and it is to be measured by a limit of 5 stars and few likes is all there is to your accomplishments then long live the hunger for it...its just a format here to highlight a form of acknowledgement after reading...a sign of good gesture if you may? Nothing more! 

There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.
– Kahlil Gibran


Russell James Mackie

Well put.
I appreciate your input.
I only want to be a singer because I feel like I'm flying when I do so.

But I get stage fright so I practice on camera.

But for some odd reason I can't talk or rap on camera only sing.

So I just sing right away.

Although I have to make more takes.

Every one is entitled to mistakes right?

Sincerely RJM


i have an invisible audience in my shower they've kept me going for years 😉 I still drive other humans away though , I just have a hidden talent in me I've yet to discover lol

grow your wings bro ! 

Russell James Mackie

Also the only reason I write on the funnel is because I have no access to Microsoft word.

I really feel the need to type and practice typing.

But I'm trying to get over writers block right now so I need to get over it by typing.

But sometimes when I type out my narrative part starts to show.

And I have no control over that so I just continue typing.

You get what I'm saying?