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Dear cosmofunnel team.

I would like to take the time to say give the newbies a chance.

Every one on the team started. With no followers and no like/stars.

But if we only encourage the people on here that are known the the new people won't improve.

So I would like to put out to everyone on the funnel to reach out to everyone on the funnel, not just the known ones.

Thank you and have a good day.

Sincerely: RJM.

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Curious Onlooker

I agree best way to encourage those that are new to the funnel is to give them a chance, and feedback! 

Georgia Elliott


I agree with your words. Would like to add to that. That it's not just the newbies that get no likes/stars & follows on their poetry.
As I have been on here for years. Yes i have some followers. But my likes, stars only come when one long standing regular has commented first.
If you view someone's poem it doesn't take more than a minute to give it whatever many stars you feel it's worth & if you like it then say.
Have a positive & creative day.