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Let the right clothes go down here too

Let the right clothes go down here too

The chewing of her nails made me very confused. Twice a heart I want to break it. But at some distance from the crowd of women and children, I probably wouldn't listen to me. Anyway, she was so delusional in her thoughts that she was not even part of the atmosphere; the glow of innocence on the face of the enormous pink couple and the red decoration of Hajan was chewing on her right hand's henna nails.

The sloping veil of the pillar was shaken when it was lost in its true appearance, but it had pieces of colored cloth on it, while sacks were placed on the other side so that the light did not cross.

First came out with a withered hand and then a black man "whose name was Ramesh" took out his mouth to the neck, Half the fingers of the hand holding the veil were yellow and smoky, with two or three large nude rings worn. Twisted sleeves and sleeves of green wrists bent over as if someone had tossed several leaks into the body, with black threads tied around the wrists.

Ms. Nandini ... Ramesh shouted

The scent of marijuana spreads throughout the atmosphere if the scent of the candle dominates.

Immediately after death, everyone was silent and looked at him as if he were the savior of their sufferings.

Ms. Nandini ... Ramesh again said harshly ...

Suddenly the girl looked shocked as if waking from a deep sleep.

I am. She got up and went fast

So dying here, what is sleeping, I am humiliated by giving voices, Ramesh grumbled.

She came down from the open steps of her open foot, fell to the next woman sitting on the ground, and climbed two stairs, and entered the courtyard.

Oo crazy shoes go out, do not know the court is rude, do not know the requirements of literature, do not know the glory of Pir Sai ... Perky woman On the fourth Thursday, still ignorant, Ramesh spoke angrily

She hesitantly took off her shoe and spoke in a gentle voice.

Let the right clothes go down here too -

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