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Mafia lives on Long Island

Long Island native Chris ( Sonny) Stabile was recently named one of the most dangerous people living in Merrick Long Island in 2013. Chris Stabile  46 of Merrick was recently promoted within the Luchese family during a celebration at famed LI eatery Cafe Baci, Stabile was seen with several other high ranking family members during the Friday night rush. Sources say, Stabile who is known for his high end luxury vehicles with a executive title as a cover connected to running several areas of Queens NY dating back  to when he was a teenager including a major car theft ring, and extortion. Stabile severed a one year sentence for his involvement for running a major extortion group which was tied back to forcing local merchants to pay for safety for a weekly fee in the Bay Terrace area including shopping centers and merchants on Bell Blvd in Bayside Queens. In one case a local merchant claimed Stabile demanded his weekly payment and when payment wasn't made Stabile beat the merchant however when the merchant was asked to pick him out of a line up he couldn't or wouldn't. 

Stabile continues to claim he is an executive at a major fitness chain in NYC but his family ties to the Luchese family date back to his father Joseph (Joe tear) Stabile, ( deceased) who is well known for hijacking as well as many other crimes dating back to the 1960's 

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