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Not a Great POTUS

Not a Great POTUS

Even though George Bush Senior won a whopping 426 electoral votes in the 1988 election, he turned out not to be a great POTUS. During his 1988 campaign, he lied. He said "Read my lips, no new taxes". But as soon as he took office, he taxed beer and cigarettes so he could give $10,000,000 to Russia.

At the time, I wouldn't have given ten dollars to Russia, much less ten million. Because in 1989, Russia was still a communist country. Bush gave $10,000,000 to communists and made Americans foot the bill. That wasn't a good thing to do. Not good at all.

Bush certainly wasn't the worst President that we've had. But he wasn't the greatest either. He proved not to be a great President because he couldn't even win a second term in 1992.

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