Story -

Testimony of Deliverance

Where are my children was the first call of my cry,
the day of March when I had to say goodbye. 
Like the theif that comes
to steal ,kill an destroy in the night,
DCF came an entered my life.
Struggling in addiction young without rolemodel leadership to be told, 
piles of responsibility riding on my back becoming to heavy of a load.
One teardrop for the Superman that came
to save the day, to receive the fame to pave the way. 
One teardrop for the darknight Batman that got them hauled away,
One drop for the Hulk that transformed in me
when the monster appeared  rage entered my senses lost from me.
A shout-out to Captain America for the defense of my little people.
One love to Wonderwoman who went to tell the streets the unmerciful  people the story about me
One whisper to Spiderman who swung on my wall hiding behind the mask to tell them all.
All these superheros entered my life
The marvels of this world to cause my memories to take flight.
Pools in my living room is all the pleasures I was left to see ,without a designer bathing suit to swim in the deep waters close to me.
Laying in pitty on the floor somewhere drowning in sorrow I can't ignore. 
My children were distant far from home
somewhere out in a land that wasn't home. 
 No promises of tomorrow just what I had left to see 
an emptiness left to dwell with me. 
Prayer with faith was all I had left,
I repented with sorrow releasing the convictions out to be free
Finally I was heard from the eagle that flies high,
that protects his children an catches the tears they may cry.
He looked upon me wipeing the sliding tears from my eyes,
He cleaned me up an gave me a sigh;
Blessed with a home got into a church to praise,
a miracle appeared on my doorstep  one bright an sunny day.
My children came back into my life that day,
With no concerns of the tales that got them token away.
I turned upward to the heavens with a smile of peace, thanking the" Lord" for hearing a wrench as me.
I even believe in the clouds the "Marvels "my superheros winked at me..... 


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