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the personal as political    

the personal as political    

     Analogous to turning radio dial upon frequency modulation blaring favorite station suddenly naturally accompanying discernible pronounced surge of static sound waves (especially at broadcaster airing hottest tunes, one feels induced to:i. hurl the bloody high fidelity top of line stereo system (of a down) out the window; or ii. inflict self harm preceded via blood letting leeches. 

     Either measure only increases popping, crackling, snapchatting along the bandwidth incorporating other audiological frequencies, particularly where religious channels (despite substantial distances) blast forth loud and clear.

     The same inexplicable phenomena (i.e. intense electronic "noise" arises when adjusting the audio knob to the sole survivor classical station, when Bach in the day, this heir of a renown Kapellmeister (who frowns on adulation, exaltation, or illustration of self) since his upbringing arose from humble origins (species unknown).

     As appreciation of the Latin phrase reductio ad absurdum please let the following Biblical apothegm be totally irrelevant despite admission, allusion without exoneration, collusion with uber collision coverage Lyft Nationwide, attestation, et cetera from this atheist absent any clear cut kindling correlation.   

     "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, "scripture quoting Jesus recorded in the synoptic gospels: I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. 

     Rebuttal warning! Do not avert your gaze unless ye can explain how a large animal (usually with at least one hump per dink) can slip thru a hole slightly bigger than a pinhead.
     A hunch that biochemists must be cloning near microscopic dromedary or one mega size sewing needle. Nonetheless and needless to "say", these beasts of burden mainly suitable as caravanserai for ants found in France. 
     While adorned with figurative blinders, this scrivener lacked horse sense asper posting an unbridled bit tinged with political undertones. A reader felt stirred up after I trotted out said spur re: us writing on an undisclosed social media website. 
     The garbled galloping gaffe sparked an online dressing down toward my riding high on the saddle communique titled piece hove crop "Putin (Non Gmo Gluten Free Cheese) On The Ritz. 

     Said unnamed person on BLANK social media platform called me out. This stallion wannabe did not rein in written transgression. Without taking lock, stock and barrel of unfettered poetic disquisition, yours truly admittedly (in the mane) went a foal and did not harness verboten non tack tickle verbiage. 

     No disagreement against deserved, unsolicited reaction to get (figuratively) whipped. This chap does pony up punning about United States government. 

     He accepts withering, trotting out blistering umbrage defying strictures disallowing hinted Democratic or Republican points hoof view. 

     Rather than agitate, dilate (as opposed to early tomb hie death), gyrate Jar Jar Binks (this included for nary a handy dandy blues clues) jesting meaninglessly per singing vapidly yields baloney.

     Quite understandable my poppycock bolted uncontrollably from metaphorical stable. The unexpurgated missive will not be repeated lest the online facilitator once again take umbrage, and goes hay wire. Perhaps privilege to post future feeble lettered attempts of mine will be immediately corralled. 

     That outcome preferable versus being jailed, and unable to pay bale! 

     If this wordsmith fetlock hit, he could choose to expand this pablum add hock (whose barn storming emanates about thirty five miles northwest of Filly), he will not breach codas effecting fearsome heretical invective. 

     He avers that his previous gam bit trespassed outside the parameters decreed by virtual facilitator. Hands held high, yours truly pleaded tubby put in a paddock.
     Such indiscriminate neigh saying in violation of specific stricture barring politics casts me as no mister Ed, but mane lee in farrier to other riders with threat from online.
     Hoop fully, all Apollo gees twill be accepted from this matted Harris Tweed Scottish tartan ode dee us pencil necked geek. Obliviousness (came in like a cowpoke and out like a bovine chip from the outskirts of Poker Flats) momentarily loo sing me mum oar rings (matter of fact rudderless syndrome over washing minimal shreds of moost every sketchily etched convoluted asininely worded pastiche of gobbledygook.
     Noun intent for this subject to be the direct object of textured scorn, ridicule, quilted pun hush ment. Yea, he unwittingly, unintentionally, unequivocally, et cetera impinged on the pro noun sta taboo stipulated off limits of Marcy's Playground veering into the sandbox of politics. 

     Honest tug hod, this plain spoken tired unpretentious varmint steers clear broaching controversial matter, and hence dust newt take objection sans mild rebuke, cuz aye hate to roil hull lee revile reasonable rationale. 
     Ma miner over the fence blithe asseveration for recognition kindled jarring displeasure on behalf of forum moderator, now finds this bone a fide add hock tweedle dum in the snoop doggy dog doubling up as Pooh's house (for Whinny zee Equine you ninny! 
     The innocuous missive not purposely POSTED to incite antagonism, nor does deliberate intent to aggravate, provoke hostility invoking comment against zero tolerance alluding to politically decreed material. this non-confrontational fellow found himself unexpectedly locked in digital crosshairs while in hot water in reference my painted posting regarding politics. 

   Aye proclaim genuine heartfelt displeasure at myself for unintended provocation, disapprobation, yet also bring to light that expressing sentiments about one nagging (dog gone) pet peeve tubular theme almost invariably impinges on notions tangential to other than the idea espoused. 

     Thus in my humble opinion, this reasonably cogent, fervent, intelligent, (non-biased) et cetera versatile nebbish wordsmith doth not blatantly, deliberately, flagrantly, et cetera drive his focus along track of controversial route, (and find himself railroaded by the 724 Loco Moat Eave Express in the process) without exposing indirect objection pertaining to a hot button issue. 

     Brainstorming bupkis on thy Facebook page will not draw the same degree of ire -land ding ma tushy on a vermin invested clinker with only thin gruel ladled out by an oaf phish shuss jail warden, whose near eternal presence monitoring word manglers (who dangerously split infinities, ply pluperfect phraseology, dangle modifiers, et cetera.

adieu: matthew scott harris

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