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Time Sure Does Fly

Time Sure Does Fly

Tomorrow, I will be forty-eight years old, and it will be thirty years since I legally became an adult. But it doesn't seem like thirty years have gone by. Time sure does fly.

I remember a couple of things about my 18th Birthday. I bought Popeye for my NES. It was based on the Popeye arcade game. I bought it off a boy for $25.00. Mom loaned me the money to buy it. I'd been looking for that game for a couple of years, so it made a great birthday present.

Another thing that happened on my 18th Birthday was the Menendez Brothers. Lyle and Erik Menendez murdered their rich parents on the day when I legally became an adult. They went to a theater and watched the original Batman movie to give themselves an alibi but it didn't work. 

My cousin came to my house and helped me to celebrate my 18th Birthday. Sadly, he died just ten weeks ago on the 3rd of June.

My dad once said something that's true. He said that it seems like it takes forever for a person to reach the age of eighteen But after a person turns eighteen, the years start to fly by.

I'll be turning 48 tomorrow on the 20th. I don't consider myself to be young or old. But it is amazing how fast time goes by.

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