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Im tired, Tired of being forgotten, Tired of being worthless, Tired of being me, just want to change, i want to be proud of the women i have become, only 19 and wanting to forgive and forget the me that wants to die, One day my pain will become my strength, One day my sorrows will become my happiness, just got to believe in myself, just got to forgive myself that wasn't my fault, i will become stronger and i will become happier just got to believe in the body, mind and soul the power of 3, the power of me Daddy's little girl is a fighter, momma's little girl is a warrior, big brothers little sister isn't a quitter, bright blue eyes warm smile heart of gold, i will become mommy's little Warrior and i will not be the little sister who quits

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Hard rock lover

I think everyone feels worthless at some point in your life but in time all wounds will heal and you will feel great inside . Lovely work , rock