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Wondering Thoughts on Consciousness and the Multiverse

Wondering Thoughts on Consciousness and the Multiverse

 There are those who believe that we have two souls. One given to us by this planet. A fraction of this planets soul, temporarily individualized, to later return to the whole like a glass of water poured into the ocean. The other comes from somewhere else. We are not sharing a body with another soul. We Are the total sum of the two. We are who we are because of the two souls coming together to form one being.

Imagine another universe whose occupants have discovered a way to travel the multiverse. The problem would be existing in a universe with completely different laws. It simply wouldn't work. Our atoms might dissipate the moment we crossed over. Imagine this other universe being made up not of matter but of, let's call it thought. A universe of pure conciousness. A reality changed and formed by the combined consciousness of its developing life forms. No planets or gravity. No light or sound. Only perception. No need for space or time or food or death.

What if a being looked into our universe and saw intelligent animals. Animals with no inner monologues or sense of self. No real conciousness. Just instincts and instructions developed from evolution. Animals that had not managed, thus far, to develop socially to the point of self awareness.

  Now, imagine you are a being in this other universe... what if the only way for you to explore and interact with this universe would be to integrate yourself (a being of pure conciousness) into the fetus of one of those animals. Doing so may require or cause a temporary loss of memory. You would be one creature and have no idea that you were ever any other. You would no longer be the creature of pur conciousness or the animal. You would be a concious, self aware animal. Driven by instincts and hormones but capable of analyzing these motivations and resisting their intended effects and actions. You would be able to do so so much more than merely survive.

When the animal dies and is returned to the soul of its planet you would again be a being of pur conciousness. Sense distance and space dont apply to a universe of pure conciousness right on top of a universe of matter and energy you would therefore already be home and once again unable to clearly perceive and interact with the matter universe. No longer restrained by the limits of a physical brain you would regain all the knowlage, memory and understanding that you had before.

Maybe part of us even remembers our home and we give it names like Heaven or Nirvana. A place where everything is perfect, no one dies or suffers and there is no time or space.

The conciousness is not the one thinking, not the one seeing or dreaming, not the one feeling. The conciousness is simply the passenger, the one that hears the thoughts, sees the dreams, sufferes from the unpleasant emotions caused by the chemicals triggered by stimuli and is elated by the positive ones. Animals react. We are animals. But we have a self. A "Me". Even when we learn that our brains use chemicals to cause reactions and that we rarely make decisions based on anything other than instincts and impulses evolved in the jungle, even when we learn all we can about how and why we think and feel and love.... we still KNOW there is more. There is an experiencer that is not just a combination of systems and reactions. This is why scientists are not trying to prove consciousness exist, it obviously exists, so they are trying to find it. To pinpoint exactly what it/we are. So what if what we are is something more.

Just something interesting to think about.

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