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Maybe, it's that easy?

Maybe, it's that easy?

If the mental health act looked into peoples Facebook accounts (like the police do) alot of people could get help, alot of thoughts&actions could be prevented, Facebook literally sys "what's on your mind" so we do, we say things on Facebook we wouldn't necessarily say to someone in person as we use our inner voices, you don't have to think you just do where as in the real world we use our outer voice, we think before we speak, we smile when we don't want to, we tell people what they want to hear, it would be a free way to help the nation, just a thought? 

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Marion Price

You are so right about our inner and outer voices Lauren. We are careful what we say to strangers but anything goes on social media!! We are telling the world,...it is also accessible for ever! Maybe that's the point, a little piece of us that says " I was here" ..we are indeed a strange species!!... made me think. Thanks for sharing 🌷🌷