Wish -

Wishes and prayers

To believe is a big thing for me, 
to succeed takes so much time.
Each year patterns unravel I see,
 not many see the link in my life.
 The traits they categorised, eupd
Docs made a name,gave labels.
 years of uncertainty, confusion,
This  madness inside, unstable.
 emotions run wild, heart races
anxietys that's called, with fight.
I barely run, I do I hurt myself,
I run to hide or run away all night.  Either that or I react bad, get mad,
 i go so skits out no where too
fine one second second, next not!
I go up and down then I go boom.
   I wish I could get better forever,
I wish I could be just like normal 
just learn to get a grip n control
to go back to work, have

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